Learn to Sight-Sing

sight-singing-schoolOne of our members came across this site: sightsingingschool.com. You may be interested to check it out.

Here’s a summary of what they are all about:

This program is designed for both children and adults, for teachers and students, for groups and individuals. Choir members, singing students, professional singers, music teachers, music classes and instrumentalists will all benefit from improving their sight singing, and therefore their aural skills.

Sight Singing School consists of 399 carefully graded musical examples and supporting exercises. The first songs are very simple (just 2 notes) and there are plenty of practice examples at each level ensuring easy progress and thorough skill development. Once you log in, Sight Singing School will keep track of where you are up to in the program. This is handy for both students, and teachers wanting to keep track of the progress of a group of students.

We believe that singing in tonic sol-fa (do re mi etc) is the best way to learn to sight singing, but if you prefer a different method, such as singing to scale degree numbers, singing in letter names, using fixed do sol-fa and just humming along you will find Sight Singing School will work for you.

  • $30 AUD
  • For 12 months subscription access
  • Latest singing materials
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Mobile ready
  • Pay using PayPal™