68 Carmina Burana enthusiasts for workshop 1

Carmina Burana Workshop
A fabulous week end!

Thank you everyone for giving up your time and being part of the Carmina Project. Especially the new faces and those who travelled from the north west and east coasts.

It was amazing hearing the sound come together.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in October.

Happy learning! And remember: Pulse, pulse, pulse!



Some Facebook responses:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I really benefited from our workshop Denise and it was just great to hear that combined ‘big sound’! Bring it on!


[quote-symbol symbol1]Thanks Denise for all your work too! It was well organised and enjoyable… I’m excited for it now!


[quote-symbol symbol1]What a day!


[quote-symbol symbol1]If only the words were “dah”!


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