How to Join



Vox Harmony is a non-auditioned community performance choir. The intake for 2018-19 is now CLOSED. We cannot guarantee being able to offer a place to all new applicants or place you in the indicated voice section.

If you would like to join Vox Harmony and have missed the intake, please send us an email and we’ll put you on our waiting list for 2020.

There are NO auditions.

If you are interested in joining, please click on Membership Form below. Membership fee for the year is $230 – this includes a $30 music levy.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Attend weekly practices.
  • Sing at various functions or concerts.
  • Your own copy of original music.
  • Choir shirt and scarf/tie.
  • Insurance cover Aon Insurance.
Voice Range

Voice Range Tests

Denise will be asking each member to undergo a voice testing exercise. This is an opportunity for each singer to know what their vocal range is and to be sure about which section of the choir they should be singing in to get the most out of their voice and to ensure the safety of their voice. It is a simple 5-minute exercise for all members. As a result you may be asked to sing in a different section from that which you believe you belong or have traditionally sung. Voice range tests will take place during the first and second rehearsals.

Please download Voice Range Test Info below to prepare for this. As a result you may be asked to sing in a different section from that which you believe you belong or have traditionally sung.



We rehearse on Tuesday nights, in the Music Department at Newstead College, Cypress Street, Newstead, from 7 pm – 8.30 pm. Rehearsals will be held every school week.

There will generally be no choir in the school holidays (there are exceptions).

From time to time, there may be occasional extra or longer rehearsals during the lead-up to performances.

For most songs, we make recordings available on our web site so you can listen to and practise your part in between rehearsals.

What to bring to rehearsals

A water bottle, a pencil, and a smile. We will supply you with your original music sheets which will have your name on it. Only one of each piece of music will be issued per member. Please look after your music carefully as these are all originals. You are responsible for replacing your music if you lose it as we are not allowed to use photocopied music. Please note that we can only supply you with original music once full membership fees and music levy have been paid.

Name tags will be supplied. Please wear these at all rehearsals.

Traditionally we go for a drink afterwards at The Royal Oak, Brisbane Street. Join us if you can – it’s a great time to socialise and unwind!



Please attend as many rehearsals as possible and tick your name on the attendance sheet when you arrive at rehearsals. If you are going to be away for more than two consecutive rehearsals, please indicate this in advance on the attendance sheet or email us so we know you haven’t deserted us!

If you have been absent from choir for more than two consecutive rehearsals and we haven’t heard from you, we may contact you asking for an indication of when you will be back. If you decide to leave the choir for any reason during the year, please advise our Musical Director, Denise, or a committee member.



Although we are a community choir, we are also a performance choir and over the years have secured several recurring performance commitments throughout the year. There is an expectation of each member to make themselves available and to prepare appropriately for these performances.

City of Launceston Choir Commitments

As we are the official choir of the City of Launceston for another two years, we have committed to performing at two compulsory events during the year on Australia Day and ANZAC Day. It is imperative that ALL CHOIR MEMBERS attend these events.



The Vox Harmony uniform for most of our performances is a black shirt with our choir logo. Upon becoming a member, you will be supplied with a shirt and a blue scarf for ladies and matching tie for men. We also have some accessories such as tie pins, cufflinks, earrings and necklaces.

For some performances, the official choir uniform may not be required, and we will wear a black top of any style, and black trousers or skirt and a blue scarf/tie and accessories.

Generally we perform without music, however if music is allowed it needs to be in a black folder. Choral music folders are available for purchase at $25 (limited numbers available).

Members Only

Members Only

This web site has a Members Only section which gives you access to voice part recordings, YouTube videos, and other information required for rehearsing your parts at home. You will be supplied with the password by email.

Choir Admin

Choir Administration

Vox Harmony has its own administrative committee and we hold a public liability and volunteer accident insurance via ANCA/Aon – PDS can be downloaded from the ANCA web site.

Committee member positions become available for re-election at the end of March each year.

Positions are:

President | Vice-President/Public Officer/Uniforms | Treasurer | Secretary | Online Secretary | Librarian | Musical Director | Committee Members (Social/Fundraising and general roles)

In addition to announcements at rehearsals, we use several methods of communication:

  • Web site – Contains mostly information for the general public and serves to advertise our choir. The Members Only section on the web site contains voice part recordings for practising. You will be emailed the password to access this section at the beginning of the year.
  • Facebook – We use our Facebook page for our photo albums, social interaction amongst members and general public, and for announcements which we would like to promote to the wider Facebook public for sharing and liking.
  • TeamApp  — We use TeamApp extensively to communicate to our members regarding issues that do not involve the general public and are for members only.

On occasion we also use email or text messages to contact you, although we prefer to use one of the above methods.

Choir applications are NOW CLOSED.